Garden trends with outdoor orchids

When the sun comes out in all its glory, we want to be ready for it. You want to get outside and enjoy the peace and beauty of your own garden. In recent years, gardens have gradually been getting the attention they deserve. The garden is also increasingly becoming an extension of the home. Did you know that you can place most species of orchid outdoors in the spring and summer? It’s a great way of brightening up your garden table. You should therefore pick an orchid that fits with the latest garden trends. We’ve found them for you.

Orchidee trend 1: Asia Mania

Be inspired by the mysterious atmosphere of the Far East and transform your garden or patio into an oasis of peace and cosiness. Many orchids originate from Asia. The power and atmosphere of those countries is ingrained in the flowers. For example, Cymbidiums offer wonderful earthy colours such as dark red and brown, and look great in an anthracite patio pot.

Orchidee trend: Asia Mania

Orchidee trend 2: Raging Romance

A veranda or covered patio is perfect for creating your own outdoor room. This rustic romantic mood soon has you thinking that you’re on holiday in a sunny spot. Outdoor lanterns, cosy cushions and wicker baskets with orchids such as Dendrobium on the patio help you bring the romantic feeling from indoors outside as well.

Orchidee trend: razend romantisch

Orchidee trend 3: Très Tropicana

Whether the sun is shining or not, with the right decorations you can create a tropical atmosphere on your patio. Bright accents in fuchsia, purple, yellow and green liven up rugged garden furniture to create a cheerful mood. Choose a pink decorative pot with a Cambria in a brilliant pink. Nothing creates the holiday feel better than that, surely?

Orchidee trend: Très Tropicana

A number of orchid species such as Cymbidium, Dendrobium and Cambria can happily be placed outside in spring and summer in order to bring colour to your garden table. But do keep a close eye on the outdoor temperature, especially in the evening. It should not be less than 9â—¦C or more than 25â—¦C. Choose a spot out of the wind and in the shade of a tree or shrub, for example. Avoid bright midday sunlight and enjoy the milder morning and evening sun. Do water your plant a bit more often when it’s outdoors!

Zomer moodboard tuintrends Orchidee

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