Style guide Spring Summer 2015

The orchid is a much-loved plant; most people have one or more orchids in their home. There is always an orchid to match your interior style. It doesn’t take much for the orchid to look its best – the plant has the ‘wow’ factor built in and is already eye-catching. In other words, orchids are the easy way to make things special!

In this style guide Spring Summer 2015 we show various orchids that match this season’s plant and interior trends. We hope that this will inspire you to use our photos or request orchids for a future photo shoot. All the orchids shown will be widely available from outlets including florists and garden centres over the coming seasons.

Click here to see the style guide Spring Summer 2015.
We hope you enjoy reading this style guide!

On behalf of the Art of Life campaign,
consisting of all the growers of pot orchids in the Netherlands

Natasja van Ruiten

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