Winner of Phalaenopsis of the month vote announced

Picolo Red is the beauty of the month

You indicated your choice of the most beautiful and most unusual Phalaenopsis on our Facebook page in large numbers. A total of 3761 fans voted. Despite the fact that Picolo Red did very well in all countries, there were still notable differences. In the UK Royal Blue with its unusual blue colour was particularly popular. Purple Monet, white with purple markings, did very well in Germany. People in Russia clearly favour white, and Formidablo and Duoboga Ikaria received the most votes. White as a colour did very well across the board, since Meander, Eva, Silhouette and White World also received many votes. Is also worth noting that all 18 butterfly orchids each receive more than 100 votes, and many consumers stated in the comments that they felt that all the orchids are very beautiful.

Winner of orchid arrangement
Alongside the Picolo Red, there are also other winners, selected from all the fans who voted. The following winners will receive a fantastic orchid arrangement delivered to their home:

  • The Netherlands: Ellen van Gorkum
  • United Kingdom: Gisela Werner
  • Germany: Angela Urmston
  • Russia: Марина Фредова

Art of Life would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

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