How to decorate an Easter table that instantly brings joy

Are you wondering how to decorate an Easter table that instantly brings joy? By using accessories and plants in Easter colours – like yellow, pink, and purple – it quickly becomes a cheerful affair. But to make Easter a little more special this year, we’ve come up with two fun Easter decorations that you can make yourself. These will complete the Easter table!

How to decorate an Easter table that instantly brings joy



A plant pot with Easter eggs

Look for an old plant pot, buy a bag of individually wrapped Easter eggs, and a tube of glue. Then, stick all the eggs onto the plant pot and place an orchid inside. We bet this will garner plenty of compliments! And the best part: you can snack on the Easter eggs during the Easter brunch!

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An Easter arrangement with orchids

Another fun idea for Easter is to create an Easter arrangement with orchids. It looks spectacular but is easy to make yourself! And as a finishing touch, add a few small bunnies and Easter eggs. After Easter you can remove them, and you’ll have a beautiful spring arrangement that will continue to bloom for a long time.

@orchidsinfo An easy orchid arrangement for Easter! Afterwards simply remove the bunnies and eggs to transform it into a spring arrangement 🐣🐰 #easterdecordiy #orchidarrangement #easterarrangement #easterdiy #easterorchids ♬ Food – eas Ratta


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5 Easter decoration ideas to make yourself

Easter is just around the corner! Time to get your house ready. Of course, you can do that with Easter branches with Easter ornaments, painted eggshells and an Easter Wreath, but there is more. In this article we’ll share 5 fun DIY ideas!

5x DIY Easter decoration



Mini Orchids are ideal to use as Easter decorations because they don’t take up a lot of space. This is perfect because the table is probably already filled with the Easter brunch! For example, place the small plants in empty egg shells, and you have a very easy but cute Easter decoration.



Easter centerpiece

If you glue a few empty eggshells together, you can make a wreath! It looks so cute, right? Place the wreath in a big bowl, place a bit of moss in the middle, put a few flowers in the eggshells and you’re done. Click here for the DIY.



From egg to candle

Another fun idea with empty eggshells: use them as mini candle holders! Start by spraying the egg carton in a colour of your choice. Peel the eggshells halfway open to fit the tea lights. When the egg carton is dry, place a bit of moss in it, follow with the eggshells and tea lights, and add some extra decoration. Click here for the DIY.


Orchid kokedama

Another nice Easter decoration with an Orchid: a kokedama. You can make this by wrapping moss around the root ball of the plant. Use an Orchid in an Easter colour to make sure it fits your other Easter decorations. Click here for the DIY.



Bunny napkins

You may need a little while, but once you get how to fold napkins into Easter bunnies, they will become the eye-catcher of the Easter table. Watch the video below and you’ll master it in no time! You’ll find the DIY here.


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