Boost your wellbeing with long lasting and colorful orchids

Plants are not only beautiful; they are also beneficial for the (living) climate of the environment. Greenery indoors has a positive impact on people’s health and overall well-being. In this article, we delve deeper into the positive effects of indoor plants and provide some colorful examples of how to style long-lasting orchids in your interior.

Boost your wellbeing with long lasting and colorful orchids


The positive effects of indoor plants

Indoor greenery purifies the air and reduces concentrations of CO2 and volatile organic compounds, making the indoor climate fresher and healthier. Additionally, plants contribute to maintaining proper humidity levels through evaporation, reducing the likelihood of headaches and enhancing concentration. All of these factors result in indoor plants providing a boost to concentration, focus, and productivity – a must for your interior!



A healthy work environment

Integrating plants in and around the office and other workspaces is also beneficial for the climate. Plants in the office space reduce stress, improve concentration, and contribute to higher satisfaction with the workplace. This positively impacts the health and overall well-being of employees and visitors, promoting increased concentration, stress reduction, and higher labor productivity.

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In summary, there are plenty of reasons to adorn your living and working spaces with a dose of flowering indoor plants. We provide you with inspiration on how to easily incorporate flowering indoor plants like orchids into these spaces.



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