How to help your orchid rebloom in the spring

Did you know that an orchid doesn’t just bloom once, but many times? You can enjoy this plant for years to come! Spring is the perfect time to give an orchid a fresh start. With more sunlight and rising temperatures, orchids often sprout new buds. In this article, we provide you with a few tips to help your orchid rebloom in the spring!


How to help your orchid rebloom in the spring

Once your orchid has finished blooming, it may take some time before it blooms again. However, it is worth the wait because when this plant blooms, you can enjoy it for several weeks – sometimes even months! When an orchid begins to grow again, there are a few things you can do to help it along:

  • Place the orchid in a bright spot, but not in direct sunlight. Orchids need adequate light to bloom; insufficient light may result in few or no flowers.
  • Orchids don’t like drafts. While some fresh air is beneficial, be cautious with frequently open windows and doors.
  • Support new stems with a stake. New stems are often heavy and quite fragile, so they can benefit from additional support. And those stakes with clips in the plant pot are there for a reason!
  • Water your orchid once or twice a week. Preferably, do this by placing it in a container of water for about 5-10 minutes, allowing the roots to absorb the water.
  • Enhance your orchid’s radiance by giving it a bit of extra orchid fertilizer. Note: regular plant fertilizer is too strong for an orchid, so only use special orchid fertilizer!
  • Increase humidity by occasionally misting the orchid’s leaves with a plant mister.
  • The ideal room temperature for an orchid is between 20 and 22°C.



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Bring spring into your home: 3 ways to update your interior for spring

Spring is in full swing, so it’s time to freshen up your interior. Luckily, a major makeover isn’t necessary; it’s all in the details! Say goodbye to dark colours and heavy fabrics, and hello to cheerful colours and airy textiles! Read on for three tips on how to update your interior for spring. With these tips, you can create a new atmosphere in your home in no time!

3 ways to update your interior for spring


Add colourful orchids

Orchids are gorgeous plants that are perfect for brightening up your interior in the spring. They come in various colours and sizes, so you can easily match them to your decor. Place them in a beautiful planter in a spot where they’ll catch your eye, such as the dining table or a dresser. They can quickly bring a dull space to life! Orchids are easy to care for and bloom for several months, so your interior will look beautiful throughout the season.

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Choose lightweight accessories

A quick and easy way to give an update on your interior for spring is by swapping out your pillows and throws. Pack away the warm blankets and make room for pillow covers in cheerful colours and lightweight fabrics such as linen or cotton. Swap out any dark accessories for glass ones, as they create an open and airy feel. Consider a vase with ribbed glass or a glass candleholder.

Another great way to bring the fresh scent of spring into your home is by making your own orchid reed diffusers. Check out this video for a tutorial:

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Change your duvet cover

A simple way to create a fresh and light atmosphere in your bedroom is to get a new duvet cover. It doesn’t have to be a wintery, warm colour: opt for a vibrant or bold pattern! A new duvet cover can work wonders, as it’s the first thing you see in the morning.


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Upgrade your garden with Garden Orchids

With spring in full swing and the sun shining more and more, it’s time for a garden clean-up. Of course, this involves weeding and cleaning your garden furniture. Not satisfied with the results? Upgrade your garden with garden orchids! These exotic plants come in all shapes and sizes and are real eye-catchers. In this article, we’ll show you how to upgrade your garden with orchids!

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Upgrade your garden with garden orchids

If you can’t get enough of the exotic beauty of orchids, we have good news. These exuberant flowers are not only for indoor use! With easy-to-care-for and frost-resistant garden orchids, you can easily upgrade any outdoor space. Select the shape, colour, and height that you like!



Orchids in a large plant pot

To create a real eye-catcher in your garden, you can fill a large plant pot with garden orchids. First, place a layer of hydrogranules on the bottom so that they can absorb excess water and release it gradually to the potting soil. Hydrogranules also allow more air to reach the roots – and roots love fresh air. Then add potting soil and plant the orchids in it. Choose a nice spot in your garden and enjoy!



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Orchids in terracotta pots on the table

Another fun way to style garden orchids is to distribute them over various terracotta pots and place them in the centre of the table. In these pots, it’s also important to first place a layer of hydrogranules on the bottom before adding potting soil. Then play around with adding the plants: use different colours, place multiple small plants in one large pot, and vary the heights. This will create an interesting whole!



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