Une orchidée dans votre salle de bain : l'endroit idéal !

Orchids in your bathroom: the perfect spot!

Placing orchids in your bathroom is not a common occurrence but as the orchid is originally from the tropics of the rainforest, it actually prefers to live in a moist environment. As long as the orchid has access to some natural light, you will have a bloomin’ good orchid to brighten up your bathroom. Here’s some tips on how to do it best:

Create a tranquil oasis

The bathroom is renowned as a place of relaxation and the fewer objects in it the better. Keep it simple with a touch of colour to create small bursts of energy. Placing Phalaenopsis orchids in your bathroom on the side of the sink is a simple way of creating a tranquil oasis as it requires minimal styling. It adds a touch of colour to a neutral colour scheme!


Orchids in your bathroom: the perfect spot!

Photo: Anthura


Try that rustic edge

Planting your orchid in a straw basket can create a stylish yet warm look in your bathroom. The Phalaenopsis lends itself to this style perfectly due to its stunning shades of purple and yellow.



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However, if you would prefer to try something a little more extravagant why not hang your orchids? A Vanda is a perfect variety to create a display of hanging orchids as the plant has aerial roots. With an iron wire as a suspension system, you can create a stylish yet rustic orchid arrangement.


Orchids in your bathroom: the perfect spot!


A hint of romance

Adding a hint of romance to your bathroom is extremely easy once you know which orchids to choose. Chose a pastel-coloured pot and include an elegant, pink Phalaenopsis – this combination oozes romance. If your bathroom is dark, combine a pot with a Phalaenopsis in rich purple, the most romantic colour of the year.


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Les tendances 2023 dans le domaine de l’intérieur, des fleurs et des plantes

The style trends for 2023 in the field of flowers and houseplants

Curious about next year’s trends? The Flower Council Holland has developed four style trends for 2023, together with Tuinbranche Nederland, iBulb, INretail and Bureau Nijman + Van Haaster. All four are based on the current zeitgeist, but are all different. Read on and get inspired by these style trends for 2023!


The style trends for 2023

Ode to Nature

Within Ode to Nature it seems as if nature invades and takes over our interior. The used materials are natural – such as rattan, clay, wood, natural stone -, recycled and/or environmentally conscious. The shapes are organic, robust and whimsical. For example, we see many rock, stone and boulder shapes or shapes that appear to be handmade. Used designs are natural structures, reliefs, whimsical stripes and gradient or overflow effects. In terms of colour, expect brown, green and soft, natural tones in the interior.



The flowers and plants within this trend are whimsical and natural in shape and are also used in that way. Outdoors, nature is given free rein too, with organic and whimsical shapes. Gardens take on a wild character, with winding semi-paved paths and wild borders. The use of many different plants and flowers stimulates biodiversity. Balconies are also vibrant green, with an abundance of plants, horizontally and vertically.


De stijltrends voor 2023 op het gebied van interieur, bloemen en planten


Vintage Folklore

Vintage Folklore is about diversity and the longevity of a product. Don’t just throw something away, but repair it with love. This leads to an interior with influences from the 1970s, from rural folklore, handicrafts, and fine floral designs, but also composite products, broken and broken shapes as if they were glued together.



The result is a personal interior with a warm, inviting appearance. Think of soft furniture with round shapes, coloured wall plates and patchwork. Bouquets are colourful and wild, with dried flower details. Plants are everywhere.


De stijltrends voor 2023 op het gebied van interieur, bloemen en planten


Within Vintage Folklore there are many materials with a nod to the 1970s. Jersey, bouclé, corduroy, textiles, crochet and knitting, veneer, tiles and ceramics are examples of this. The colours in this trend are cheerful and diverse, and don’t seem to match at first glance. Expect a colourful palette with natural and bright tones and pastels in addition to dark colours.



Outside we see a garden that arises more or less spontaneously through the use of elements that happen to be available. This ensures a creative garden or balcony full of beautiful recycled finds, in which everyone is welcome and everything is possible. You will find colourful garden furniture, patterned partitions and a cosy collection of plant pots.


Layered Spaces

Nowadays we are living smaller and smaller, while at the same time we want to combine more functions in our house. This creates a certain layering, with multifunctional furniture and room dividers. For example, rooms are conveniently transformed by small adjustments, so that, for example, a workspace is created. By playing with effects you get the feeling that there is more space than there actually is. We come across flowers and plants in unexpected places, such as in the toilet. Bouquets are arranged in layers and you also need to be able to easily ‘stack’ or move plants.



The contrast is reflected in the colour chart too. We recognize warm/cold, light/dark and bright/pastel. By using colours that come towards you or increasing the distance, you create the spatial effect that is central to this trend.



In the garden, we see spaciousness too. There are many different corners, and indoor and outdoor spaces seem to merge into one another. For example, a heavily planted interior space can feel like a garden, especially in office buildings. We use the existing space optimally with plants: think of plants on roof terraces, roofs, barns and verandas. Fences and hedges provide a bocage-like effect. Full borders make way for more transparent plants, in which colour contrast plays an important role. This also influences spatiality.


Collecting Memories

In a changing world, we like to surround ourselves at home with products that we recognise and that give a comforting feeling. Common materials used in this trend are ceramics, porcelain, traditional wickerwork, enamel, cane, zinc, cast iron and natural textiles, wood, cork and leather. The designs are calm and unobtrusive. They sometimes refer to nostalgic patterns such as weaving or braiding. The flower arrangements are delicate and poetic. In natural bouquets, each individual flower receives attention. Small delicate flowers and leaves with a fine structure are important elements. We also see irregularly shaped plants and plant pots, and older plants that have grown together with their environment. These give a unique look to this trend.



Colours play an important role too. Soft and dark greens offer comfort and security. Lilac and pink stand for softness, memories, and poetry. Flowers and plants complete this sense of comfort and memories.



We also find harmony and poetry in the garden. Elegant winding paths, transparent borders and intimate terraces invite you to relax for a while. Colourful garden furniture consists of nostalgic wickerwork, plants have delicate leaves and lovely flowers. We see a great diversity of flowers and plants in soft colours, for a melancholic appearance.


Source: Flower Council of Holland.

Voici les tendances 2022 du mariage

The most popular wedding trends of 2022

The wedding season is in full swing, and we couldn’t be happier. After a few years of uncertainty, bridal couples now dare to look ahead and go all out. We can celebrate love again! Are you getting married this year? In this article, you can read the wedding trends of 2022 and inspiration about how to incorporate orchids within these trends.

The wedding trends of 2022

Theme colour Very Peri

The Pantone colour of 2022 is Very Peri, a mix of warm blue and purple. This also makes it a trendy wedding theme colour. It can range from a small detail in the bridal bouquet to an entire purple decoration. Even though a tight colour palette isn’t that popular this year, we do see this colour a lot.



The most popular wedding trends of 2022


Intimate wedding

One of the biggest wedding trends of 2022 is the intimate wedding, also known as micro-wedding or tiny wedding. Thanks to the pandemic, many couples have discovered the charm of an intimate party. They choose quality over quantity when it comes to wedding guests, typically with no more than 40 guests and only the ones who play an active role in their lives. Micro-orchids would be a great fit for this wedding. Micro in size, but multi-flowered!



The most popular wedding trends of 2022


Over-the-top wedding

On the other hand, many bridal couples go wild now it’s possible again. The over-the-top wedding is back! Neither costs nor resources are spared to be able to fully enjoy it after the pandemic. Think of a cocktail bar, oyster bar, candy station or perfume station in the toilets. But multi-day weddings are popular too. For example, bridal couples choose to get married at a location where their guests can spend the night too, to have brunch together the next morning. And with over-the-top weddings, you need over-the-top decoration as well. So, with this trend, you can go all out with floral decorations.

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The most popular wedding trends of 2022



We already saw it in the wedding trends of 2021, but sustainability remains a hot topic. With the world becoming more conscious of its own environmental impact, it’s no wonder that sustainable weddings have been growing in popularity over the years. Think of save the dates and invitations that are sent via email, bridal wear that is rented instead of bought and a vegetarian or even vegan dinner menu. Another idea is deco items that can be reused, such as houseplants that you place in your house afterwards, instead of artificial flowers. In the case of orchids, it’s easy. At the end of the wedding, everyone can take one (or more) home. Tip: provide bags so that they are easy to carry.



The most popular wedding trends of 2022


Flowers are indispensable at a wedding. Not only in the bridal bouquet, but also as decoration at the location. In recent years it was all about ‘the greener, the better’, but in 2022 it’s all about the flower itself! In addition, dried flowers are very popular, especially in combination with fresh flowers. Also, consider plants that are placed on the sides of the aisle. It’s something different and a bit more original!



The most popular wedding trends of 2022


Overdressing doesn’t exist

We’ve been sitting at home in our pyjamas and sweatpants for a long time, which makes everyone want to get dressed up again. And the same goes for the wedding guests. It’s time to get out and dust off the prettiest clothes. Being overdressed doesn’t exist anymore!


The Garden Orchid brings the tropics into your back garden

Do you want the exotic beauty of orchids in your own garden? That’s possible, as these exuberant flowers are not only meant for inside use. With the easy, frost-resistant Garden Orchid you can bring the tropics into your back garden! Select the shape, colour and height you like most of this special family of garden orchids!

The Garden Orchid

Whatever variant you decide to plant, at the first rays of the sun in spring the shoots sprout from the ground. They slowly unfurl their wonderful flowers, which you will be able to enjoy for weeks. This perennial plant keeps forming new shoots underground, so you can expect more fabulous flowers every year, even in the darkest corner of your garden.

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The different Garden Orchid varieties

Calanthe Orchid

The Calanthes within the Garden Orchid family originate mainly in Japan. There are almost 200 species, most of them occur in the Far East. You will find different types of Calanthe even in Central America, tropical Africa and Australia. The name is a contraction of the Greek words Kalos (beautiful) and Anthos (flower). The flowers of Calanthe are indeed very beautiful, and there is probably no other type of orchid with such an enormous variety of colours and shades. In addition, there are species that have a very pleasant smell. In Japan especially the Calanthe has a large number of enthusiasts who even enter their plants for competitions. The Japanese name is Ebine.

Calanthe Orchid care

The plants grow well in an average garden soil, you can possibly mix some orchid soil through the soil in the plant hole. Provide a sheltered location in the shade or partial shade. The leaves stay on the plant in winter and can be covered with straw.

Bletila Orchid

This plant was originally found in the Far East, China, Japan and similar areas. It was one of the first orchids to be cultivated in Europe, as evidenced by the fact that it dates back to 1794. The plant was first described in 1853. Because of the external similarities with Bletia (named after the Spanish botanist Don Luis Blet), the plant got its final name Bletilla.

Bletila Orchid care

A mixture of clay, sand and leaf earth is sufficient. If the plant is covered with leaves in the winter, you can enjoy it for years.
Location: sun or partial shade. The Bletilla can be placed near a swamp or pond, but also simply in the garden in a place that retains sufficient moisture.

Cypripedium Orchid

Cypripedium is the king of hardy orchids. Most varieties can easily handle temperatures of -25°C, and for some species this is not even cold enough. This orchid is only found in the Northern Hemisphere, in North America and North and South-East Asia. There is even one European breed, the Cypripedium calceolus, which is protected and subject to continuous camera surveillance in Great Britain. Cypripedium is also known as ‘Venus shoe’.

Cypripedium Orchid care

If possible, spit some substrate, fine gravel or coarse sand through the spot where the plants will be placed. Possibly some lime can also be mixed through the soil. In principle, the other treatment does not differ from other garden plants: fertilize in the spring, possibly later for additional leaf and root growth.

Pleione Orchid

Pleione is a tuberiform orchid with spectacular flowers and is mainly found in South-east Asia. The plant was first described in 1825 and was initially called Epidendrum and then Coelogyne. Eventually, in 1903, the name Pleione appeared for the first time. In the garden it has a truly special appearance that during flowering overshadows all other garden plants, figuratively speaking. Unlike other members of the Garden Orchid family, this orchid can also be used as an indoor plant.

Pleione Orchid care

Soil type: preferably with a low pH / higher acidity. The colors vary from dark pink to snow white and all shades in between. The delivered plants have 10 – 15 bulbs, which when planting must therefore also be kept partially above ground, just as they are in the pot.

Epipactis Orchid

Epipactis, or wasp orchid, only occurs in temperate or subtropical areas of the Northern Hemisphere in North America, Europe and Asia. However, the origin of the genus lies in the Old World. The botanical name Epipactis was given to this genus in 1757 by Johann Gottfried Zinn, a professor of botany at the Georg-August University in Göttingen, Germany. Epipactis is very hardy to over -20°C. In Dutch, Epipactis is called “Wespenorchis” because the flowers are pollinated by wasps.

You can find Garden Orchids in the spring, when the plant is hibernating, at the better garden centres and florists. Check this website for more information.

5 Easter decoration ideas to make yourself

Easter is just around the corner! Time to get your house ready. Of course you can do that with Easter branches with Easter ornaments, painted eggshells and an Easter Wreath, but there is more. In this article we’ll share 5 fun DIY ideas!

5x DIY Easter decoration


Mini Orchids are ideal to use as Easter decorations, because they don’t take up a lot of space. Which is perfect, because the table is probably already filled with the Easter brunch! For example, place the small plants in empty egg shells, and you have a very easy but cute Easter decoration.

Source: https://pin.it/1ajEDXF

Easter centerpiece

If you glue a few empty eggshells together, you can make a wreath! It looks so cute, right? Place the wreath in a big bowl, place a bit of moss in the middle, put a few flowers in the eggshells and you’re done. Click here for the DIY.

From egg to candle

Another fun idea with empty eggshells: use them as mini candle holders! Start by spraying the egg carton in a color of your choice. Peel the eggshells half way open to fit tea lights. When the egg carton is dry, place a bit of moss in it, follow with the eggshells and tea lights, and add some extra decoration. Click here for the DIY.

Orchid kokedama

Another nice Easter decoration with an Orchid: a kokedama. You can make this by wrapping moss around the root ball of the plant. Use an Orchid in an Easter color to make sure it fits your other Easter decorations. Click here for the DIY.

Bunny napkins

You may need a little while, but once you get how to fold napkins into Easter bunnies, they will become the eye-catcher of the Easter table. Watch the video below and you’ll master it in no time! You’ll find the DIY here.

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À faire vous-même : Composition avec orchidée

DIY: plant arrangement with orchids

Do it yourself: an impressive plant arrangement with orchids with Phalaenopsis as the radiant centrepiece! How do you make it? You can read about it here or in the video.

Items needed for your plant arrangement with orchids:

  • Potting soil
  • Flowerpot
  • Trowel
  • 2 mini Tillandsias Cyanea
  • 2 Bromeliads
  • 2 Phalaenopsis
  • 2 smaller Phalaenopsis
  • 1 Medinilla
  • 3 Codiaeums
  • Branches


Step-by-step DIY flower arrangement:

Step 1: Half-fill a large pot with potting soil.
Step 2: Remove the plastic pots from the plants and immerse them in a bowl of water.
Step 3: Distribute the plants diagonally across the pot.
Step 4: Press them down firmly with some extra potting soil.
Step 5: Distribute the plants until the pot is nicely filled, leave some space in the middle for the orchids.
Step 6: Place the orchids in the centre of the pot. Make sure that a little orchid soil remains between the roots.
Step 7: Place the mini-orchids on the edge of the pot and drape some of the roots over the edge.
Step 8: Water the arrangement if the soil feels dry or the plants start to droop.


DIY: plant arrangement with orchids


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Winter: time for new inspiration!

Orchids are perfectly suited to interiors that make you feel at home and are essentially a reflection of your own character. This time we have gone for trendy, warm colours, prints and a personal touch by choosing crazy and distinctive accessories from the beautiful Home Stock. No obvious styling, just surprising and dynamic combinations time and time again. Because that is where orchids come to the fore! We hope that we will inspire you and that you will soon have a head full of ideas for your home. You’ll start to look at your own interior and orchids through different eyes! We also hope to challenge you to get creative with your plants and your surroundings with our latest festive photos and DIY ideas!

‘Virtual Plant Bathing’ to mark the International Day of the Orchid.

‘Virtual Plant Bathing’ amidst the orchids! The ultimate sense of joy and peace is now just a click away for orchid fans. Orchidsinfo.eu presents the ultimate virtual experience amidst the orchids: an interactive 360 degree video of the ‘Orchid Room’ amongst opulent greenery with 8D audio effects which can be accessed by anyone with a computer, smartphone or VR goggles.

Thanks to the 8D audio effects users will literally feel that they are in the jungle – the place from which orchids originate. With 8D audio it feels like the sounds are happening in the space itself rather than entering the ears through headphones.

Experience the virtual ‘Orchid Room’ for yourself on 3 September, and celebrate the International Day of the Orchid with us! View the teaser here: https://youtu.be/ZToIJkRhjHw

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