DIY room spray with scented orchids

DIY room spray with scented orchids

With spring in sight, it’s time for a new, fresh scent in your home. And you can easily make one yourself! In this article we share step-by-step instructions for a DIY room spray. We are adding scented orchids – not only because they smell nice, they look great too!

DIY room spray with scented orchids






Fill the spray bottle with distilled water and alcohol. Add the essential oil and a dash of vanilla extract. Keep playing with the amounts until you’ve found a fragrance that works for you. Shake the bottle carefully to mix everything. Then cut a few flowers from the orchid and place them in the bottle. In the video below we used a fragrant Phalaenopsis, but you can use a Cambria, Miltonia or Zygopetalum too. Twist the cap on, shake it a bit and spray!



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Do you want to hang on to the scent for longer? Then leave the cap off and place a few wooden sticks in the bottle. The result is homemade fragrance sticks! Place them in a nice spot in your house and enjoy them every time you walk by.


More fun DIY ideas:

DIY: kokedama with exclusive orchids

DIY: kokedama with exclusive orchids

How nice is it to take your orchid out of its pot and turn it into a kokedama? This is very well possible since orchids have aerial roots and can therefore grow without potting soil. The pot is really only used to place orchids. Pack the root ball as a kokedama (moss ball) for an even more beautiful styling and natural look. A trendy indoor mini garden with exclusive orchids. Easily done, and a beautiful effect!



DIY: Kokedama with exclusive orchids

You will need:

  • Paphiopedilum
  • Sheet moss
  • Winding wire
  • Wire cutters


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Get to work:

Step 1:

Carefully remove the Orchid from the plastic pot. As well as Paphiopedilum, you can also use other exclusive orchids of course.


DIY: Kokedama with exclusive orchids



Step 2:

Fold the moss around the roots and try to keep as much of the root ball inside the moss as possible.


DIY: Kokedama with exclusive orchids



Step 3:

Secure the moss by wrapping the wire around it. Keep the moss damp with a plant spray.


DIY: Kokedama with exclusive orchids




Curious about the best way to water your orchid? Also read: 3 ways to water your orchid



Winter: tijd voor nieuwe inspiratie!

DIY: plant arrangement with orchids

Do it yourself: an impressive plant arrangement with orchids as the radiant centrepiece! How do you make it? You can read about it here or in the video below.

Items needed for your plant arrangement with orchids:

  • Potting soil
  • Flowerpot
  • Trowel
  • 2 mini Tillandsias Cyanea
  • 2 Bromeliads
  • 2 orchids Phalaenopsis
  • 2 smaller orchids Phalaenopsis
  • 1 Medinilla
  • 3 Codiaeums
  • Branches


DIY: plant arrangement with orchids



Step 1: Half-fill a large pot with potting soil.
Step 2: Remove the plastic pots from the plants and immerse them in a bowl of water.
Step 3: Distribute the plants diagonally across the pot.
Step 4: Press them down firmly with some extra potting soil.
Step 5: Distribute the plants until the pot is nicely filled, and leave some space in the middle for the orchids.
Step 6: Place the orchids in the centre of the pot. Make sure that a little orchid soil remains between the roots.
Step 7: Place the mini-orchids on the edge of the pot and drape some of the roots over the edge.
Step 8: Water the arrangement if the soil feels dry or the plants start to droop.



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DIY: Orchidee in einer Glasglocke

DIY: Orchid in a bell jar

This orchid in a bell jar will create sparkles in every room! And you can easily make it yourself. We’ll explain how you can do this in no time at all. Too tricky? Watch the video.

Items needed:

  • Orchid: Paphiopedilum
  • Moss
  • Twigs
  • Bell jar
  • Bell jar base or stand
  • Pruning shears
  • Bowl of water to immerse your orchid
  • Waste bin for wood chips


DIY: Orchid in a bell jar


Step 1: Distribute the moss across the base of the bell jar.
Step 2: Remove the plastic pot from the orchid and remove the loose soil.
Step 3: Immerse the orchid’s roots in a bowl of water.
Step 4: Place the orchid firmly on the moss.
Step 5: Add the branch to the orchid and attach with a piece of wire.
Step 6: Place the bell jar over the orchid. Use a water spray to water the orchid from time to time.
Step 7: Insert a twig between the bell jar and the base so that the glass does not fog up.


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DIY : des cartes aux orchidées pour le dîner de Noël

DIY: Christmas place cards with orchids

Looking for a fun way to make Christmas place cards? We have created a DIY idea, especially for a festive holiday table: mugs filled with mini orchids and a golden name tag to make everyone’s place setting extra special. Fancy having a crafty afternoon? Then follow the steps below or watch the video below, to make Christmas place cards with orchids!

DIY: Christmas place cards with Orchids

These place cards with orchids are perfect for a festive holiday table! They look stunning but are easy to make.



  • Mini Phalaenopsis orchid
  • Mugs
  • Orchid potting soil
  • Bowl of water to immerse your orchid
  • Beautiful thick paper
  • Printer and nice font (or handwritten)
  • Scissors
  • Satay stick
  • Glue / Pritt stick
  • Tassel
  • Gold foil
  • Gold foil glue



Step 1: Fill the jars or mugs with orchid potting soil.
Step 2: Remove the plastic pot from the orchid and immerse it in a bowl of water.
Step 3: Place the orchid in the jar and press it down with orchid potting soil.
Step 4: Distribute a few strands of Tillandsia or moss across the pot to fill it up.
Step 5: Write or print the guests’ names on a rectangular piece of paper. Make sure you can fold the paper around a skewer and secure it like a flag.
Step 6: Cut a triangle off the corner of the flag that you’ve made.
Step 7: Spread a little glue on the end of the flag with a brush and apply the gold leaf.
Step 8: Brush over the gold foil so that only the tip of the flag remains gold and the rest of the gold foil comes off.
Step 9: Insert your name flag in the pot with the orchid.



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