Orchids bring colour to Salone Del Mobile during Milan Design Week

Every year the grand courtyard of Palazzo Francesco Turati in Milan is a sea of flowers. It’s a great tradition which the Milanese and visitors eagerly look forward to. Masterly The Dutch in Milano thereby combines design and floriculture during Salone del Mobile, the world’s biggest design trade fair for interior design. From 7 to 12 June, approximately 1,000 orchids will grace the courtyard of the Palazzo in Milan.

We talked to Nicole Uniquole: international design curator, concept developer and exhibition maker. Nowadays Nicole is world-famous for her masterly exhibitions, in which she combines contemporary design with the works of Old Masters. Her professional practice has an inimitable way of interweaving different worlds.

Nicole Uniquole

Nicole creates high-profile exhibitions such as Dutch Design – House of Orange at Oranienbaum Palace, Royal Showpieces at Het Loo Palace and Masterly © – Dutch Pavilion at Salone del Mobile in Milan.



Could you tell us more about Masterly, where we are displaying the orchids?

Masterly presents a complete and varied field of design with relevant work from architects, furniture, textile, construction and accessories businesses, designers, artists, craftspeople, galleries and vocational colleges for design and interiors. The location is the historic Palazzo Francesco Turati, with a fabulous courtyard surrounded by arches and a roof terrace with a view of the Duomo. We have decorated this Palazzo with 1000 radiant orchids from the Netherlands.

In Milan, you are bringing together Dutch art and floriculture. How do you think the two are linked?

Both disciplines attach great importance to knowledge, skill and artisan craftsmanship. So they are inseparable.

This year you have opted for orchids. Why?

Lombardy and Milan suffered greatly at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. I would like to cheer up the inhabitants of Milan with a fabulous orchid as a comforting flower and as a metaphor for a long and happy life that makes you cheerful again. The elegant orchid is the perfect plant for this.



What is your personal relationship with flowers and plants, and specifically the orchid? Do you have a favourite orchid?

I don’t personally have green fingers, but the modern, elegant decorative orchid requires little care and lasts a long time. I love true nature, and have no interest in fake flowers. I also prefer orchids that flower several times a year.

As a lover of art and design, you’re bound to have a few tips on combining plants and art in an interior. Could you tell us something about that or offer any advice?

Flower painters have long been a source of inspiration.
The concept of Masterly The Hague presents art and design whereby the designer has been inspired by a historic painting. I could easily imagine designers creating a work based on one of the 25,000 different orchids, and then displaying them together in your own home. A jewel with a story for your interior.

More information about Masterly: www.masterly.nu.

Keukenhof 2022: a feast of flowers in The Netherlands

Each spring, more than 7 million flowers bloom in the garden of The Netherlands’s Keukenhof. And the 73rd edition of Keukenhof will start on Thursday 24 March 2022! The flowering park remained closed in 2020 as a result of the lockdown, and in 2021 the park was only allowed to open as a test for six days. But this year we can fully enjoy all the magic again. Are you a flower and plant lover? Then it’s definitely worth taking a trip to Keukenhof!

Keukenhof 2022

In the past 72 years Keukenhof has grown into a worldwide concept. This year, the flower exhibition will be open from March 24 to May 15. So you have more than 7 weeks to visit this spectacle of 320,000 m2 of flowers! Keukenhof displays flowers and blooming plants not only outside, but also inside. In the Beatrix Pavilion you can enjoy Orchids and Anthuriums in a surprisingly colorful decor.


Theme: Flower Classics

Every year the flower exhibition has a theme, from which the designs of the gardens and flower shows are inspired. This year, the theme will be Flower Classics. After two years of absence, the flowering park wants to return to a classic and timeless theme. It also is a reference to art. “Flowers are classic symbols used in the arts for centuries. As is apparent in several works on view at the Mauritshuis. Replicas of a number of these will be on show at Keukenhof for visitors to admire,” says director Bart Siemerink. Keukenhof will feature replicas of several paintings from the Mauritshuis, including Johannes Vermeer’s most famous painting, Girl with Pearl Earring. The impossible bouquet, consisting of flowers that all bloom at different times of the year, will also be brought to life!

Practical information

Keukenhof is open from Thursday 24 March to Sunday 15 May 2022 from 8:00 am – 7:30 pm. More information and tickets can be found on their website.

Station road 166A
2161 AM Lisse

The best activities with Orchids at the Floriade Expo 2022

Floriade Expo 2022 will take place from April 14 to October 9 in Almere, centrally located in The Netherlands. At this international horticulture exhibition, you can enjoy greenery and discover solutions from national and international innovators that make our cities more fun, more beautiful and more sustainable. You will also enjoy the scent and color of flowers, plants, vegetables and fruit. Floriade only takes place once every 10 years, so make sure you don’t miss it!

Activities during Floriade

To showcase the diversity of the Orchid range, we organize various activities during Floriade Expo 2022. For example, in The Green House you’ll find an Orchid Garden with an Orchid Room, that you can experience through a VR experience. On the International Day of the Orchid, Thursday September 1, girls covered in orchids will walk around, writing nice compliments for everyone! Besides that, you can take a new profile picture in front of the orchid selfie wall.

There will be various workshops and demonstrations with Orchids, where you will learn everything about it. Such as care tips, facts and different species. Do you want to attend this? Then keep an eye on the dates for the workshops and demonstrations:

  • Saturday April 16 – Arranger Marloes Joore
  • Saturday May 7 – Arranger Marloes Joore
  • Saturday June 4 – Arranger Marloes Joore
  • Thursday September 1 – Arranger Romeo Sommers


The time schedule is as follows:

10.00 – workshop 1
11.00 – demonstration 1
13.00 – workshop 2
14.00 – demonstration 2
15.00 – workshop 3
16.00 – demonstration 3

Theme: Growing Green Cities

Floriade’s theme in 2022 is Growing Green Cities. Solutions that are necessary to make cities greener, healthier and more fun are presented. A theme that is more important than ever. Because by 2050, 68% of the global population will live in cities, on just 2% of the total earth surface.

Practical information

Floriade Expo 2022 will be open daily from April 14 to October 9, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. More information and tickets can be found at the website.


He hails from Japan, developed a lifelong passion for flowers after working at the Tokyo flower market, and is now known as a world-famous flower artist. Meet Azuma Makoto. Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk talked to him in his flower studio Jardin des Fleurs about his life, which is all about flowers 24/7.

“I don’t really see any difference between my work as an artist and as the owner of Jardin des Fleurs. My goal is to make people happy with flowers. As an artist, I try to see the potential of flowers and to share something that no one else has ever seen before. In our shop we also do everything to present flowers at their most beautiful. That’s why our shop is located in a basement where the flowers are not affected by sunlight, excessive temperatures or noise. We only wear white, black and grey clothes, because it’s not us but the flowers who are the stars.”

(Source: Azuma Makoto)

“Flowers only live for 10 days  – if you compare that to human lifespan, a flower ages ten years in a day. So we only have a very short time to enjoy their beauty, and that’s why I want to capture that beauty. Literally freeze it. If you remove a flower from nature, you as an artist have a responsibility to give it meaning.”

(Source: Azuma Makoto for Hermès)

“You can capture that beauty of various stages. Do I stop time when the flower is still ‘young’, or do I show what ageing does to a flower? And what happens if I have flowers frozen in ice? For each flower, I explore how I can show it off to its best advantage. I reveal their beauty with technology and creativity. ‘Iced Flowers’ is a good example of that. We freeze the flowers using a special machine so that there are no bubbles in the ice. That keeps the colours of the flowers fresh.”

Azuma and his team have exhibited the Iced Flowers at shows in Japan, but also in cities such as Lille. And he showed them on the catwalk of Dries van Noten’s fashion show (summer 2017).

(Source: Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk/Azuma Makoto)

“I also work with fashion, automobile and cosmetics brands that see flowers as a means of communication. It stimulates my creativity when I produce new work in an unfamiliar field. That’s why I enjoy that sort of collaboration. In addition, the second edition of the Encyclopedia of Flowers has just been published. I work with flowers seven days a week, and it means everything to me.”

Source: Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk


An exuberant festive season with orchids

This year we are doing things completely differently, and we are going all-out. The festive season is the ultimate pleasurable part of the winter. And even more so if your interior enhances the Christmas atmosphere. How do you do this? Be dazzled by orchids! Thanks to their versatility and luxurious appearance, Christmas has never been so atmospheric. Be inspired…

Atmospheric prints, warm colours and lush greenery
The dark, chilly days call for warm colours, luxurious prints, details and lush greenery to carry you away. Orchids adapt perfectly to this atmosphere and each different variety can add the finishing touches to any occasion or space.
The lush Cymbidium and Cattleya create a fabulous feeling and fill every empty space perfectly. Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium and Paphiopedilum shine majestically on tables and complete the look.
Vanda sways festively in every corner and cupboard and pouts with its colourful flowers and aerial roots. The delicate flowers of Cambria, Oncidium and other special varieties take care of the details and fit beautifully anywhere, even by the Christmas tree!

Do it yourself!
Together they make the holidays unforgettable and provide that finishing touch.
To make it even more fun, we’ve come up with 4 festive DIY ideas that you can easily make during the festive season (or any other occasion). These can be used to make the table, gifts or your living/dining room even more beautiful.

We have a beautiful bell jar filled with twigs, greenery and the impressive Paphiopedilum. We have also made a modern version of the Christmas decoration from the most beautiful green plants combined with Phalaenopsis as a radiant centrepiece.

To give table decorations a twist, we have created a DIY project with mugs filled with mini Phalaenopsis and a real gold name card to make everyone’s table setting extra special. To top it all off, we have gift wrapped presents with luxury paper and finished them off with flowers from various orchids. Which one of these ideas are you going to make at home? Or will you make all four of them?

Thanks to: Home Stock Rotterdam, HAY Rotterdam

DIY: Gift wrapping with orchids

Giving is more fun than receiving. Isn’t that right? To make giving extra special, we have come up with a cool DIY idea using beautiful paper and the prettiest orchid flowers. For this DIY project, we have used Vanda, Cambria, Cymbidium Cascade and Oncidium. Have a look to find out how you make such beautiful gifts yourself or check the video for instructions.

Items needed:

  • Different orchids
  • Pruning shears
  • Water tubes for flower stems
  • Wrapping paper
  • Ribbon, twine and / or gold wire
  • Adhesive tape or glue
  • Scissors

Step 1: Wrap the gifts in nice wrapping paper and cut a couple of flower stems from the orchid of your choice.
Step 2: Wrap the gifts and wrap a festive ribbon around the gift, secure with a dab of glue.
Step 3: Lay the orchid on the gift and fold the ribbon over it. Secure it on the back with glue.
Step 4: Insert the orchid’s stem into a flower test tube with water to make it last longer.
Step 5: Wrap gold wire around the gift and insert the stem.
Step 6: Repeat this with as many gifts as you like! Use different orchid species for variety.

For more inspiration and care tips visit orchidsinfo.eu. Or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest: @orchidsinfo

DIY: Orchid in a bell jar

At Christmas, this bell jar will create sparkles in every room! And you can easily make it yourself. We’ll explain how you can do this in no time at all. Too tricky? Watch the video.

Items needed:

  • Orchid: Paphiopedilum
  • Moss
  • Twigs
  • Bell jar
  • Bell jar base or stand
  • Pruning shears
  • Bowl of water to immerse your orchid
  • Waste bin for wood chips

Step 1: Distribute the moss across the base of the bell jar.
Step 2: Remove the plastic pot from the orchid and remove the loose soil.
Step 3: Immerse the orchid’s roots in a bowl of water.
Step 4: Place the orchid firmly on the moss.
Step 5: Add the branch to the orchid and attach with a piece of wire.
Step 6: Place the bell jar over the orchid. Use a water spray to water the orchid from time to time.
Step 7: Insert a twig between the bell jar and the base so that the glass does not fog up.

For more inspiration and care tips visit orchidsinfo.eu. Or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest: @orchidsinfo

DIY: Orchid place cards

Who sits where this Christmas? We have created a DIY idea especially for the table; mugs filled with mini Phalaenopsis and a real gold name tag to make everyone’s place setting extra special. Fancy having a crafty afternoon? Then follow the steps below or watch the video.

Items needed:

  • Mini orchid
  • Mugs
  • Orchid potting soil
  • Bowl of water to immerse your orchid
  • Beautiful thick paper
  • Printer and nice font (or handwritten)
  • Scissors
  • Satay stick
  • Glue / Pritt stick
  • Tassel
  • Gold foil
  • Gold foil glue

Step 1: Fill the jars or mugs with orchid potting soil.
Step 2: Remove the plastic pot from the orchid and immerse it in a bowl of water.
Step 3: Place the orchid in the jar and press it down with orchid potting soil.
Step 4: Distribute a few strands of Tillandsia or moss across the pot to fill it up.
Step 5: Write or print the guests’ names on a rectangular piece of paper. Make sure you can fold the paper around a skewer and secure it like a flag.
Step 6: Cut a triangle off the corner of the flag that you’ve made.
Step 7: Spread a little glue on the end of the flag with a brush and apply the gold leaf.
Step 8: Brush over the gold foil so that only the tip of the flag remains gold and the rest of the gold foil comes off.
Step 9: Insert your name flag in the pot with the orchid.

For more inspiration and care tips visit orchidsinfo.eu. Or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest: @orchidsinfo


Isabelle van Zeijl is an established mid-career international acclaimed artist. Recognized for her mastery to create striking self portraits (with orchids) with depth and meaning who enriches life, possessing lasting and impressionable depth and value. We spoke to her about her passion for the orchid and more. Read the interview below. 

Flowers are a source of inspiration for you. How did that come about?
The first flowers appeared on Earth some 114 million years ago. Much later flowers would play an essential part in the evolution of human consciousness. People felt very attracted to flowers. Flowers were the first thing that they experienced where there was no link with survival, but that offered inspiration. Seeing the beauty in the flower would connect people to their true nature.
Beauty is very important in my work. I believe that if you surround yourself with beauty – and that can be done with art, but also with other objects or with flowers, for example – it has an enormous impact on people’s well-being, increasing their resonance and energy. I mainly find this beauty in nature.

And what do you specifically like about the orchid (Phalaenopsis)?
The most highly coveted of ornamental plants, the delicate and graceful orchid represents love, femininity, beauty and strength. Orchids have a magical quality. The genus Phalaenopsis was identified in 1825 by a Dutch botanist on the island of Java. The story goes that during one of his journeys he saw a group of butterflies practically motionless whirling by a tree. These turned out to be orchids. Like a metaphor for profound change in the cycles of our lives, moving from one state to another, the butterfly’s remarkable shape-shifting journey carries an important message. It’s an inspiring message that teaches us that growth and transformation need not be traumatic or painful, but rather liberating and joyful, a natural part of life’s continuous unfolding. I was also looking for butterflies when I found orchids. My series of photographic self-portraits show me wearing an extraordinary headdress woven from the flowers. The original idea was to use butterflies. It was during a difficult period for me. I was cut off from the world for about six months, going through difficult times. And when I came out I wanted to make a headpiece out of butterflies. For many reasons, butterflies were not suitable for making the piece. So then I was looking for a flower, and intuitively I chose orchids. I always pick the elements and materials on an intuitive basis. Later, when researching the significance of the chosen material, I discovered the botanist’s similar journey. “I thought: I have chosen butterflies!”

What are you most proud of and why?
I am proud when my collectors tell me that they want to surround themselves with beauty and choose my work. That it helps them to become better or to heal. That not only makes me proud, but also intensely grateful.

Your floral artworks are featured in international media. How did that come about? 
The work has appeared on the cover of Harpers Bazaar, but also extensively in Forbeswhen I started working with the orchids from growers’ dumpsters because they had to destroy 80% of their flowers.
At Harpers Bazaar they embrace my art because of its authenticity and multiple layers: the work is not only beautiful to look at, but also contains a meaningful message. I am my own model – I am a woman with a life, not a model onto whom the fashion world projects its unachievable beauty ideals and saddles (young) women with an impossible ideal of beauty, but a woman who shows a new ideal of beauty: be yourself and show who you are and what drives you.

What do you think of the Dutch floriculture sector?
We have an enormously rich culture and history in floriculture, and this abundance of beauty is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me. Flowers are perhaps appreciated even more internationally than here.

What can we expect from you in the future?
I’m currently working on a series of flowers with healing properties. A series that again shows that nature contains all the answers; an intelligent system from which we still have a great deal to learn.

Do you want to know more about this talented woman or do you want one of these beautiful artworks at home? Visit her website for more information.

Images: Isabelle van Zeijl

Nicolas Cloutier – The orchid fascinates me. Poetic and sensual at the same time.

Nicolas Cloutier

“The orchid fascinates me. Poetic and sensual at the same time.”

“The orchid is a very mysterious flower that fascinates me. The flower has a sexual connotation, both due to what it looks like and in literature. This makes me think of Proust, of course, who used the expression ‘make cattleya’ whenever he talked about love. This flower, some of which smell a bit of vanilla and greenery, grows in trees, as if from an enchanted forest, like in our imagination.

The orchid has a prominent spot at Nose, including in the jasmine we have outside, as if it were in its natural habitat. At home, I have jasmine in the bathroom, where they get enough light, not too direct, and it is nice and humid. The cattleya is my favourite, because of what Proust said about it… and that inspires me tremendously!”

Nicolas Cloutier
Nose Store

Nicolas Cloutier, co-founder of Nose Store.
Nose is a beauty concept store and webshop, which focuses solely on designer brands and one main idea: diagnosing the right perfume for the customer.


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