Zo houd je jouw orchidee in topconditie

Holding onto summer with tropical orchids

Autumn is approaching, and that means summer is nearly coming to an end. While some can’t wait for autumn or even winter, others wish they could extend the summer season just a little bit longer. Do you fall into the latter category? If so, keep reading for our tips on how to keep the summer spirit alive a bit longer at home with tropical orchids!

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Holding onto summer with tropical orchids

An easy way to prolong the summer atmosphere at home is by introducing tropical orchids. Thanks to their lush, exotic appearance, they create a summery ambience year-round! There are thousands of different orchid species, and they come in a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes.

For example in pink and orange, a combination that instantly brings a summery feel to your home:



Yellow, the colour of the sun, is also a great choice!



Or create an arrangement consisting of various orchid types in various summery colours. Thanks to the different shapes and heights, this becomes a beautiful summer centrepiece!


Orchid: beauty that lasts


You can create the orchid summer piece in a bowl or in a cute crate. Both options provide a completely different atmosphere at home.


Voici comment confectionner une superbe composition avec des orchidées


So decide which types of orchids remind you of summer and place them in your home. You can explore the various types on this page.


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Interieurtrends voor 2024

The 4 interior design trends we’ll be seeing a lot in 2024

Curious about the interior design trends for 2024? To give you a hint, it’s all about revisiting the trends from years past. The ’70s and the Urban Jungle are making a comeback. Additionally, expect to see a lot of rounded shapes and sustainability – both of which have always had a presence. Read on to discover the interior trends for 2024!

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Interior design trends for 2024

Curved Lines

The Curved Lines trend is one that can be integrated into nearly any interior style. It revolves around incorporating rounded shapes. Think of round and oval dining tables, which were already prominent in 2023. However, 2024 takes it a step further. Imagine organic tables, such as a tabletop adorned with various twists and movements that seamlessly flow into the legs. Or a curved sofa. This also applies to a rug: it’s no longer simply rectangular but comes in various shapes.



Bold & Funky

The Bold & Funky interior trend takes us back to the Seventies – a vibrant decade where fabrics and patterns were all about going wild. However, the busy prints will be left behind in 2024. What we will be seeing? Plenty of velvet fabrics, vertical wooden slats, large and comfortable furniture pieces, and funky shapes that add a twist to your interior.

Colours within the Bold & Funky trend are more subdued to promote tranquility and unity. The colour palette features softened greens like olive, shades of purple, and caramel. This allows you to incorporate eye-catching colours while still maintaining a calm atmosphere at home. To add a touch of vibrancy, consider adding cobalt blue accessories – from decorative cushions on the sofa to artworks on the wall!



Sustainable Living

Sustainability remains a pertinent topic, which explains its ongoing prominence within interior design. It starts with revamping old furniture and buying second-hand pieces from thrift stores, but it goes beyond that. Sustainable alternatives to new products are becoming increasingly prevalent. Think of curtains made from recycled PET bottles, carpets crafted from old fishing nets, and furniture constructed from repurposed wood!

Furthermore, the production process is evolving: artisanal craftsmanship is gaining prominence. The focus is shifting away from polluting mass production that rapidly changes collections and moving towards handcrafted furniture, art, and accessories, all created with a mindful approach for our planet.



Soft Outdoor

For Urban Jungle enthusiasts, the Soft Outdoor trend brings good news, as greenery is making a comeback. But with a subtle twist. While the Urban Jungle previously featured robust metal elements, rustic mango wood, and teak, 2024 shifts towards the use of light oak and refined steel finishes. Marble is also making a comeback, subtly integrated into small tables. When it comes to fabrics, think of linen or cotton in soft hues to induce a calming sensation. Leaf-patterned wallpaper is still popular, but in a more subdued manner. And of course, plants are an essential element in this trend!



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Interior, flower & plant style trends for 2024

Curious about the style trends for 2024? The Flower Council Holland has developed four style trends for 2024, together with Tuinbranche Nederland, iBulb, INretail and Bureau Nijman + Van Haaster. All four are based on the current zeitgeist but are all different. Keep reading to get inspired!

Style trends for 2024


Meaningful Earth

The Meaningful Earth style trend revolves around the concept of the earth: an “ancestral” interior filled with rough and rugged materials. These materials are natural and coarse, often eco-friendly or made from recycled materials. Think of stone, minerals, ceramics, coconut, burlap, cotton, pressed recycled leather, clay, mud and irregular glass. The shapes are rough, coarse and irregular, and have a primitive look and feel. The designs are natural as well, such as spot patterns, fossil prints and stripes that resemble layers of earth. Additionally, objects like jugs or sculptures are incorporated to connect with the roots of our culture.



Floral arrangements are not neat and tidy but have a rugged look & feel. In terms of plants, we see lots of highly visible bulb products. For instance, placed in a glass bowl full of multi-coloured sand layers, so that the soil is clearly discernible.


Stijltrends 2024: Meaningful Earth

Photo: Thejoyofplants.co.uk


Not surprisingly, shades of brown play a major role in the colour chart for accessories. The Meaningful Earth colour chart has been modified for flowers and plants and contains light yellow and salmon hues, that combine beautifully with dark and greyish-green shades.


Viva La Vida

The Viva La Vida style trend represents a cheerful, exuberant celebration of life, filled with passion, colour and expressiveness. Forget minimalism and immerse the home in vibrant colours – Spain and Mexico are clearly sources of inspiration here. Natural materials are used in a decorative manner. These include decorative tiles, mosaics, coloured and woven reed and raffia, textiles with frayed ends, frills and fringes, pigmented wood and patterned wrought iron with patterns. The designs are colourful and diverse, ranging from classic to modern.


Stijltrends 2024: Viva La Vida

Photo: Thejoyofplants.co.uk


When it comes to floral arrangements, colour is key. Preferably vibrant and festive, combined with full flower forms. Whether it’s voluminous bouquets or a single striking flower, they serve as eye-catching focal points. Flowering houseplants are also perfect for this trend.



This kind of trend naturally features a warm and exuberant colour palette. Essential colours are pink, red, Viva Magenta (Pantone colour of the year 2023), orange and bright yellow. These colours are also found in flowers, plants and accessories. The accent colours in this palette include black, Marsala brown and bright mint green. These tones are perfect for accessories and large elements, both indoors and outdoors.


Stijltrends 2024: Viva La Vida

Gentle Paradox

Contrast is what style trend Gentle Paradox is all about. In a calm interior, we find an abundance of round and soft shapes, with furniture that is sometimes made of unexpectedly hard materials. Hard, smooth materials alternate with soft structures, as if trying to soften the hard reality. Marble, concrete, ceramics, plastic, baked tiles and natural stone are common elements, alternating with high-pile carpets on floors and walls. Textiles also play a role, from pleated and ribbed to bouclé. In terms of patterns, the sky’s the limit, with everything from romantic floral patterns to abstract designs.


Photo: Thejoyofplants.co.uk

Stijltrends 2024: Gentle Paradox


Flowers also contribute to softening and creating a dreamy atmosphere. For example, by placing arrangements in corners or on the floor, against the wall. Arrangements are ‘cloudy’, often with transparent edges and also featuring dried flowers. Individual flowers add a sense of softness through their shape or subtly transitioning colours. A transparent character and soft leaves, in terms of colour and texture, are also important when it comes to plants.



The Gentle Paradox colour palette is soft and conveys a sense of tranquillity and harmony. Neutral colours and pastel shades alternate with a warm cognac colour. The shades of green are mostly found in flowers and plants.


Stijltrends 2024: Gentle Paradox


Playful Construction

Style trend Playful Construction revolves around experimenting. Featuring playful solutions and structural exuberance, like giant links that together form a sofa. Everything appears to be the consequence of a surprising perspective on consumer items and decorative products. The interior has an optimistic look & feel thanks to product combinations and cheerful colours. Materials are of secondary importance. However, we see lots of tubular constructions made of metal, plastic or glass, which helps to shape the structural character of this trend. The surfaces are mostly smooth. Patterns also play a minor role and are limited to stripes, checks, ridges and circles.


Circular shapes are prevalent in flowers, both in the floral arrangements themselves and the underlying elements. Hanging plants also play a prominent role, excitingly duelling with basic constructions in pots or wall decorations.


Stijltrends 2024: Playful Construction


Colour is key with this trend, which features a highly diverse colour palette. This palette includes bright colours, fresh pastel hues, silver and light grey – all of which can be combined endlessly.


Stijltrends 2024: Playful Construction

Voici comment confectionner une superbe composition avec des orchidées

How to effortlessly create a stunning orchid arrangement

Creating an orchid arrangement may sound difficult, but it’s actually quite simple – even if you’re not an experienced florist. Plus, an arrangement full of lush orchids is the perfect way to brighten up any room or make a special gift! So, whether you want to spruce up your home or give a thoughtful present, a homemade orchid arrangement is always a great idea.

How to create a stunning orchid arrangement

Generally, you don’t need much to make an orchid arrangement. The basic requirements are a few orchids, a beautiful large bowl, and some moss. That’s it! You can place the orchids, still in their plastic pots, in the bowl. That may seem a bit strange, but you won’t see the plastic pots later on. Play around with the composition of the plants until you’re happy with how they look. Once you’re satisfied, cover the plastic pots with some moss, and voilà: a stunning orchid arrangement!

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Inspiration for a beautiful arrangement

We frequently share examples of beautiful orchid arrangements on social media. Videos are especially helpful for seeing how easy it is to create one! Here are a few examples:


An arrangement with mini orchids:



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Een bericht gedeeld door OrchidsInfo (@orchidsinfo)


A spring-inspired arrangement with orchids:



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These orchids in pots made of hollowed-out pumpkins are perfect for fall:



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Working with different heights creates a playful composition, which you can easily achieve by using large and mini orchids:



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Bring spring into your home: 3 ways to update your interior for spring

Spring is in full swing, so it’s time to freshen up your interior. Luckily, a major makeover isn’t necessary; it’s all in the details! Say goodbye to dark colours and heavy fabrics, and hello to cheerful colours and airy fabrics! Read on for three tips on how to update your interior for spring. With these tips, you can create a new atmosphere in your home in no time!

3 ways to update your interior for spring


Add colourful orchids

Orchids are gorgeous plants that are perfect for brightening up your interior in the spring. They come in various colours and sizes, so you can easily match them to your decor. Place them in a beautiful planter in a spot where they’ll catch your eye, such as the dining table or a dresser. They can quickly bring a dull space to life! Orchids are easy to care for and bloom for several months, so your interior will look beautiful throughout the season.

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Prächtige Blumen in unendlicher Vielfalt


Choose lightweight accessories

A quick and easy way to give an update on your interior for spring is by swapping out your pillows and throws. Pack away the warm blankets and make room for pillow covers in cheerful colours and lightweight fabrics such as linen or cotton. Swap out any dark accessories for glass ones, as they create an open and airy feel. Consider a vase with ribbed glass or a glass candleholder.

Another great way to bring the fresh scent of spring into your home is by making your own orchid reed diffusers. Check out this video for a tutorial:

@orchidsinfo Did you know that Cambria flowers have a wonderful scent? #scentedsticks #diy #cambria #cambriaorchid #flowers #diyhomefragrance #reeddiffuser #diyreeddiffuser #fragrancesticks #homedecor ♬ Chill Vibes – Tollan Kim

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Change your duvet cover

A simple way to create a fresh and light atmosphere in your bedroom is to get a new duvet cover. It doesn’t have to be a wintery, warm colour: opt for a vibrant or bold pattern! A new duvet cover can work wonders, as it’s the first thing you see in the morning.


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How to create an orchid jungle

Fortunately, the time of only one plant in the windowsill is over. When it comes to plants, ‘the more the better’ applies. And that’s why we’re creating an orchid jungle! A collection of multiple species, that create a burst of colour in the heart of your lush green home! Read on to get inspired.

Create an orchid jungle

In an orchid jungle, the best-looking orchids are grouped together. It’s ideal for homes with little or no outdoor space. This way you simply bring nature inside! And you can go in all directions. Opt for one colour or species, or mix and match different ones. Bundle a few together into one large pot, or style several plants next to one another. And by working with different heights, you can create a playful effect. For example, by using a wooden stool, the windowsill and a plant hanger.

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Zo creëer je een orchideeënjungle


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Faites entrer le jardin dans la maison avec des orchidées aux teintes de l’automne

Bring the outdoors in with orchids in autumn colours

With autumn just around the corner, it’s time to bring the outdoors in. And plants are the easiest way to do so! Not just by putting down some plants. We’re going to do it a little bit more original, with orchids in autumn colours. Read on for our tips!

Offrez à votre intérieur une mise à niveau par les plantes

The best way to update your home: with plants

Are you ready for a change in your home, but you don’t feel like a huge makeover or renovation? Fortunately, that’s not necessary to create a different atmosphere in the house. A few small changes to your interior can have a big effect. Read on for some tips on how to update your home with plants! Continue…

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